U.S. Senate grills oil execs on ethics — or was that the other way around?

Beacons of truth like New York Sen. Charles Schumer, left, are gunning for high oil company profits–apparently in a very effeminate way.

The United States Senate is grilling oil company executives over how they ended up with their huge profits.

Rest easy, America– pillars of integrity, many of whom somehow managed to become millionaires from a lifetime of “public service”, are handling these crooked oil company executives.

That’s right, the U.S. Senate, headed up in part by the Massachusetts duet of Kennedy and Kerry– philandering gravy-boat captain whose family made their fortune running rum during prohibition, and a gigolo, are sitting in judgment of what constitutes “profiteering”.

California Sen. Barbara Boxer is so up in arms that you’d think these oil execs were trying to talk somebody out of a late-term abortion. Robert Byrd is shocked because he hasn’t been in the same room with such greedy white men since the time he was in arrears on his Klan dues.

Hillary Clinton, who turned a couple of Chuck E. Cheese game tokens into over a hundred grand trading cattle futures, will also sit in judgment of these money grubbing petrol peddlers.

Democrats are also out to pretend they haven’t ever heard the term “taxes are passed along to the consumer”, mostly because they can’t hear way up there in their ivory towers– the air is thin, and so is the oxygen. That’s right, get ready for more taxes.

Sens. Byron Dorgan of N. Dakota, who has an M.B.A. but refuses to use it, and the man who is perhaps best remembered as the “bottom slice” in a waitress sandwich, Chris Dodd of Conn., are calling for a Windfall Profits Tax on oil companies. You’ll notice that anytime that idiocy is implemented, the “windfall” and the “profits” always end up in the government’s lap.

If you think gas is expensive now, wait ’till the government tries to make it cheaper.

Barbra Boxer showed up prepared for the hearings with the oil execs. She had placards with all their salaries and bonuses on it. I wonder if she had one listing the net worth of the wealthiest Senators?

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Author: Doug Powers

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