Barbra Streisand's call to impeach President Bush enters 2nd tense week

President Bush doesn’t get as much love from Barbra Streisand as Bubba does.

It’s been over two weeks since Barbra Streisand called for the impeachment of President Bush. What the hell are we waiting for? Wake up, America! Mentl has spoken!

Babs, who engages in a constant and brave struggle against the use of logic, which has been scientifically proven to poke holes in Hollywood’s protective bonehead layer, is so far sorely disappointed.

Why hasn’t Congress acted on Barbra’s decree yet? Sure, they were probably distracted briefly by the Carolina Panther cheerleaders catfight with patrons at a bar after an alleged makeout session in a bathroom stall, or Jennifer Aniston’s interview in Newsweek (all the women in both the aforementioned stories, by the way, think that “impeach” is what you put in the bowl with “im-pears” and “im-apples”) but darnit, somebody please pay attention to one of the greatest singers in the world!

We’ll give Barbra a break, though, since she recently had a benign polyp removed from her colon. I was hoping that “Benign polyp” was a medical term for “head of a vacuous singer”, but I was wrong, ’cause the polyp was removed, but the head is still up there.

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Author: Doug Powers

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