The University of Illinois gets scalped by PC

The Illinois “Fighting Illini” have been run over the PC bandwagon. The school has, or “had” rather, a mascot known as “Chief Illiniwek”. On August 5th, the NCAA governing body, folks with their sphinkters slammed shut so tight that on weekends their asses moonlight as hydraulic presses, said this:

The NCAA’s decision on American Indian mascots bars universities on its list of schools deemed to use hostile imagery from hosting postseason championship events. It requires those schools to remove any offensive nickname or logo from team, cheerleader and band uniforms when participating in postseason tournaments.

The school appealed the decision, and the appeal has now been rejected by the NCAA.

So far, this mascot madness seems to be confined to anything related to native Americans, because Notre Dame’s drunken Irish guy picking a fight doesn’t seem to be going away. This could be offensive to those of us of Irish ancestry– we don’t all pick fights.

So, Chief Illiniwek will be retired for any post-season activity, and offered the dignity and respect that the government feels is due Native Americans: He’ll have a casino named after one of his relatives where people can lose their life savings, and a pittance of that windfall will buy him a lousy house on a lousy piece of property in some nowhere place. Indian heritage intact, compliments of the government and the NCAA.

Improper tribute:

“Chief Illiniwek”: Racist and offensive

Proper tribute:

The Muckleshoot Casino & Bingo Parlor in Auburn, Washington: Honoring Native Americans’ rich history of craps and blackjack


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