Today's column at WorldNetDaily: "Hillary delivers Chinese take-out"

Today’s column revolves around Hillary Clinton’s criticism of China for forcing women to have abortions to keep in lock-step with that nation’s “all but one child left behind” policy.

By her insistence upon the idea that abortion is a “right” supplied by the government, Hillary’s position on the issue is closer to China than she may like to believe, and when leftists like her and her buddies gain high office, you end up with travesties such as occur in China, except before you know it, they’re happening here.

Is abortion a “right”? Is Hillary’s view closer to China’s policy than she’d like to admit? Could it happen here as a result? Was Bill schtupping a yappy late-teen delivery girl while Hillary chastised Beijing? Read the column and decide for yourself.

Hillary Clinton joins her pro-abortion friends in telling China that the government shouldn’t force women to have abortions– the government’s only role is to provide the “right”, confiscate taxpayer dollars to pay for it, and supply the building and doctor– other than that, they shouldn’t be involved in such a “personal” matter


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Author: Doug Powers

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