In Michael Newdow we trust

It’s official: Atheist Michael Newdow is trying to get back at the world for being picked last when sides were chosen for every middle school gym class activity.

Newdow is, of course, the guy who tried to get the word “God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, and wanted any reference to God removed from presidential swearing-in ceremonies.

Now Newdow is trying to …oh, does it really matter anymore? Okay, here’s the deal. Newdow now wants “in God we trust” removed from money. After that, he’ll lobby against “E Pluribus Unim” because it forces Latin on people who may not want it.

Newdow’s like syphillis, isn’t he? It keeps comin’ back painfully and you can’t help but be reminded of it every time you go to the bathroom. I mean…so I’ve heard.

This is the nuttiest thing Newdow’s done since he tried to get the producers of “Touched by an Angel” to change the title of the show to “Groped by a Figment of Your Imagination”.

“…and then the guitar came out, and the crowd, simultaneously, began to doubt the existence of a benevolent God. Michael’s mission was accomplished.”


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Author: Doug Powers

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