Rep. McKinney introduces the “Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Collection Act of 2005″ — no, seriously…

Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney wants to honor the late gangbanging rapper (I’m sorry… “hip-hop artist”) Tupac Shakur — because together, they had a ball.

McKinney has introduced a bill that would honor the rapper, who was often referred to as “One-pac” because there was a rumor he lost a testicle in a shooting.

Passage of the act would include the beginnings of a Tupac Shakur record collection at the National Archives– because no kids’ trip to learn about the rich history of the United States would be complete without hearing and reading the artful lyrics to American classics like “I don’t give a fuck“, “Shit don’t stop“, and more.

Remember, your tax money is paying for this McKinney embarrassment not to mention what she considers priorities. Read McKinney’s proposed act. I don’t think the 9/11 Commission’s report was this detailed.

Cynthia McKinney certainly does confirm what you may have been taught as a child. Yes, anybody can grow up to be a Congressperson.

A goofy clown, and some other person McKinney’s arm is around


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