Hollywood to the rescue — Laurie David urges you to curb your enthusiasm for fossil fuels before we all die

Laurie David, far left, wife of Larry David, producer and writer of the Seinfeld series, and most recently of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm“, continues her crusade against global warming in this Newsweek interview. That’s Arianna Huffington on the far right (the only time she fits that description).

I refuse to believe that either of these women can seriously be concerned about gas emissions and pollution while smooching Michael Moore. That’s like an anti-nuclear power activist protesting atomic energy while dry-humping a reactor.

Laurie David is promoting the “Stop global warming virtual march on Washington“. This will feature such scientific luminaries as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell and other famous types. Celebrities– is there anything they don’t know?

As always, the fault lies with the United States and our freedoms and abilities to drive gas guzzlers as we please. Maybe a trip back to the stone age would help save the planet. That’s what Cameron and company does in an MTV program called “Trippin‘”, the show that takes Hollywood doofuses and exports them to other countries. Unfortunately, they also bring them back.

Once at their destination, “Trippin'” hosts meet with people who often live in horrid conditions, and laud them about how environmentally friendly they are for having nothing.This is of great assistance to the self-esteem of those who live in third world squalor and have no food or toilet paper, because it still makes them damn happy to be where they, are and not here, in proximity to such complete morons.

As a side note, the “Trippin'” website offers “10 things you can do to save the earth“. They left off “stop being mesmerized by celebrity to the point that you think that because somebody was in ‘Titanic’, ‘There’s Something About Mary’, or ‘Old School’ means they know more about science than you do.”

Can the super-wealthy jet-set like Leo DiCaprio, Laurie David, and…some other guy… save civilization from itself? A world nervously awaits.

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Author: Doug Powers

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