Bob Shrum, the “Chicago Cubs” of Democrat presidential advisors, will write a book

Democrat advisor Bob Shrum (left, carrying a briefcase full of concession speeches) has had eight clients run for president. All of them have lost. Now, Shrum will write a book which is set for release in 2007.

Bob Shrum was an advisor on the following presidential campaigns:

George McGovern – 1972
Ted Kennedy – 1980
Alan Cranston – 1984
Dick Gephardt – 1988
Mike Dukakis – 1988
Bob Kerrey – 1992
Al Gore – 2000
John Kerry 2004
The working title of Shrum’s book? “Octo-losers”

Despite his presidential failings, which, in fairness to Bob, given that client list, must have been like being handed a slab of tungsten and asked to make a bean-bag chair, Shrum is still considered a “genius” in Democrat advisor circles.

That’s great news for Republicans seeking the White House in 2008.

“Don’t worry, it’s cool… Bob says when I wear this it oozes testosterone…”


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Author: Doug Powers

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