Maureen Dowd: “Are men necessary?” Maureen Dowd’s career: “Yes!”

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd’s new book, “Are men necessary?“, has been called a mild failure by some, at least a failure by Dowd standards. Dowd’s publisher, Putnam, disagrees. They say sales are right about where they were expected to be.

The history of Putnam Publishing should also help answer Dowd’s question of “Are men necessary?” A glance at the history of Putnam Publishing and who founded the company shows that it’s chock-full of men, without whom Dowd’s books may not have a publisher.

Dowd’s columns run in the New York Times. Take a look at the corporate officers of the New York Times Company. 13 of the 19 Corporate Officer are men.

Are men necessary? As far as Maureen Dowd’s concerned, you’re friggin-A right they are.

If the book sales are disappointing, it’s only because Dowd’s question has been answered and there’s no reason to open the book.

Also, judging from Maureen’s promotional photo, men are also necessary for her to borrow shoes from– sure those men are 6′ 3″ drag queens, but men nonetheless.


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