Bush accused of wanting to bomb television network, and it wasn't even CBS

Britain’s “Daily Mirror” newspaper has found an “unnamed source” who claims that George W. Bush wanted to bomb Arab television network al-Jazeera, but was talked out of it by Tony Blair.

Al-Jazeera is best known for their “two-fer Tuesday” back to back airings of al-Qaeda messages, including Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi turning up regularly like a radical Islamic green grocers.

The Arab network isn’t assuming the information is correct before commenting on it– which places them a notch above some U.S. mainstream media outlets.

What al-Jazeera does say, however, is what they’ll think “if the story is true”.

“If the report is correct, then this would be both shocking and worrisome not only to al-Jazeera but to media organisations across the world.

“It would cast serious doubts in regard to the US administration’s version of previous incidents involving al-Jazeera’s journalists and offices.”

These guys get bloody tapes via daily Fed Ex from the Middle East’s most certifiably insane spiral-eyed nut-cases, take the deliveries, and put them on the air, and something Bush probably didn’t even say is potentially “shocking” and “worrisome”?

Too bad Bush can’t receive the same “neutrality” al-Jazeera offers to al-Qaeda. Must be an “al” thing.

George W. Bush will be called a horrible person by al-Jazeera if the allegations turn out to be true — as soon as they get done airing the latest al-Qaeda hostage tape


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Author: Doug Powers

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