CNN: "I'll take Dick Cheney to block"

During CNN’s coverage of VP Dick Cheney’s speech yesterday, the network turned the Veep into an X-Vice President.

By now you may have heard about CNN’s “glitch”. Seems they accidentally hit the button that puts the X’s on the air… you know how things like that happen.

After several split second X’s appeared on the screen during Cheney’s speech, word soon reached the suits at CNN that right wing internet conspiracy theory anti-MSM kooks were buzzing over yet another example of leftist media bias.

Some say that the bottom line of words are X’d out so as to read “Cheney I do not believe”. Here’s the video. Judge for yourself. The first “X” appears at 1:25 or so. It goes quickly but isn’t hard to spot.

CNN immediately blamed the X’s on a “glitch”… the same “glitch” that explains their ratings, I guess. That said, CNN is investigating, since somebody in the control room allegedly laughed when the “X” appeared.

Having spent more than my share of time working at a television station, I can’t for the life of me think of a way to “accidentally” make an “X” appear on the screen, unless we had formerly been producing the Hollywood Squares program and had the old graphics still laying around.

I’ve seen stations accidentally pop up test patterns, other station’s signals, and porno movies that the guys in the tape room were watching that accidentally got switched onto live air, but never an “X” or some random symbol.

At least we can rest easy in the knowledge that, every once in a while, somebody manages to “glitch” back at CNN:

Well said, random person


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