This should throw the “The Supreme Court butted in and appointed Bush in 2000″ crowd into a code-red ‘roid flareup. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that the Court didn’t interject itself into the 2000 Bush/Gore race– it was dragged to them by the Gore people.

As for accepting the case, Scalia said, “The issue was whether Florida’s Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court [would decide the election.] What did you expect us to do? Turn the case down because it wasn’t important enough?”

I’m sure Gore will respond to Scalia’s defense of the Court, just as soon as he finishes delivering a “State of the Union” speech in front of the bathroom mirror and speaking into a hair brush, and then has a state dinner for a confused Labrador Retriever and two Chia Heads.

Note: My first book, “‘Because That’s the Way God Decided to Do It!’ – A conservative father fields confusing questions from his confused kids about a confusing world – Inadequate explanations of politics, parenting, economics, war, technology, and the future of the human race” is now available in paperback or as a downloadable Ebook. Click here to buy directly from Booklocker. It’s also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I’ve set up a page containing short samples from each chapter. Click here for chapter samples.


46 Responses to “Justice Antonin Scalia's speech gets Gore-y”

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