"Monsieur Starsky and Le Hutch" — France to produce version of 70's TV show

Yes indeed, a French version of Starsky and Hutch is on the way. French producers say that the original version will have to be toned down a bit when remade for a French audience, because the American series, left, was “too macho” for a contemporary French audience. Uh oh.

Many episodes will be based on scripts from the original show. The French version will be called “Madani and Duval” and I imagine the boys will be hanging out with a street-smart pimp-like character named “Huggy Beret” and tool around in a bright red Renault with white stripes down the side.

The French love American television, but they also have a legal requirement that no more than 40% of their programs be of non-European origin. Jerry Lewis movie imports alone bring them up to their 40% limit, so they must produce their own versions of American hits.

Fortunately for the French government, the after effects of recent rioting in that country has meant that national television can remake the films “Armageddon” and “The Day After” with little outlay for special effects.

“Starsky and Hutch” is also a big hit in Greece, say producers


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Author: Doug Powers

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