"Amamanta" anatomically correct educational dolls: Give any future serial killer the gift of creepiness this Christmas

They are “ideal for explaining the reproductive cycle to boys and girls ages 3 to 10” says the makers of Amamanta dolls.

These dolls sport “true anatomical details, such as stitched-on genitalia and breasts”. So those of you who grew up on Hollywood Boulevard will feel completely at home.

Check these things out. They look like the sort of things the cops would find in the home of a man who says things like “It takes the lotion and it rubs it on its skin!”

The dolls are supposedly an asset in helping teach kids about reproductivity, and they replace the old, outdated dolls from which men of my generation had to learn about sex.

The dolls are hand-stitched in Medellin, Columbia, so who knows what they’re stuffed with. If your kid has a huge hankerin’ for Doritos after a play session, discontinue use.

Baby Amamanta takes nourishment from a Pamela Anderson doll (sold separately)


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Author: Doug Powers

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