Bruce Springsteen for Senate? — “No worse than the rest”

This could be more exciting than three years ago when I heard that Ted Nugent was considering running for Michigan governor.

There is a growing movement to convince Bruce Springsteen to run for New Jersey Senate. There’s a vacant seat now that John Corzine has been elected Governor for the bargain price of $44 million.

“The Boss” is popular in his home state of New Jersey. Though he’d run as a Democrat, I’d donate to Springsteen’s campaign just so I could get a chance to see him in a debate. Bruce would be slightly stooped over the podium and bobbing from side to side like a first generation hominid who’s just been introduced to bipedalism, and grunting in acknowledgement reminiscent of a waiter taking a dinner order at Chez Caveman— and yet, among the pool of Democrats, he’ll not be the embarrassing one.

His primary opponent, whoever that may be, would make even less sense while perhaps still being better enunciated.

Springsteen was, of course, one of the leaders of the “Rock against Bush” concert series which took to the road shortly before the 2004 presidential election. Blue-collar Bruce grabbed his lunch pail and headed off to the dingbat plant to supervise a workforce that were taken to huge venues in private jets, stayed in five-star hotel suites, rode in limousines and took to the a stage unimpeded to say anything they pleased, all in an effort to demonstrate the sheer oppression of the Bush administration.

But anyway, even though The Boss is a liberal Democrat, as far as most of the U.S. Senate is concerned, Bruce could go by a campaign slogan that was made famous by a guy here in Michigan who ran for County Commissioner: “No worse than the rest“.

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Author: Doug Powers

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