Bush's Colin-oscopy: Prez "too detached" on war details according to former Powell Chief of Staff

Larry Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, has said that President Bush was “too detached” from the war details. Powell himself was, of course, also at odds with Bush and Cheney a number of times.

I can’t remember if I read this before or after I read some other former White House “insider” say that Bush doesn’t take advice from his commanders on the ground or others nearly enough.

Let’s not forget that Wilkerson is the guy who, a while back, told the BBC (another “go overseas and tell ’em what they want to hear” sad-sack) that Dick Cheney may be guilty of war crimes.

On the “aloof” accusation concerning Bush, the president claims he always listens to and heeds the advice and opinions of his commanders on the ground. Of course, if he didn’t, guys like Wilkerson would accuse Bush of being “too personally controlling” of the war, ala LBJ.

Mark my words. When all is said and done, Wilkerson will be pitching himself, positively and proudly, as one who held a position of power in the United States government when two nations were liberated.

Is this getting a little old? There’s nothing more pathetic and wimpy than somebody who flip-flops like a rowboat full of freshly caught trout.

Take Bill Clinton for example. He was sort of against the war in Iraq and foresaw failure, and now claims that it “could work“. Same with Hillary and others who are waiting to see whether or not it is a success to announce whether they were for it or against it.

It just goes to show you– just because some people have no nuts doesn’t mean they can’t be ballsy.

By the way, the “against the war… no wait, kind of for the war… no, wait, against the war…” crowd finally has an official logo:


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Author: Doug Powers

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