Creative people have more sex — and yet somehow Eminem still manages to get lots of action too

The headline reads “Creativity linked to sexual success“:

Psychologists at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Open University found that professional artists and poets have about twice as many partners as other people…

But Dr Daniel Nettle, a psychologist at Newcastle University’s School of Biology, said it is a double-edge sword. “Poets and artists have more sexual partners but they also have high rates of depression,” he told Reuters.

Depression? Yeah, getting syphilis would have a tendency to cause that in an artist.

Something the study doesn’t address is that poets and artists having more sex may have less to do with creativity and more to do with free time.

We could all get more if all we had to do was jot down a couple of rhymes and toss together a neat sounding haiku, give a quick reading at “Java & Rainforests” cappuccino shop, and then could spend the remaining 18 hours of the day birddogging chicks at the bar.

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