Global warming to blame for temperature drop in Europe — Don’t you just love science?

Here’s the short version: Circulation of the Gulf Stream has been slowing, according to some scientists. This is a result, they say, of global warming. The result if this global warming? More severe winters and cooler summers in Europe.

They point out that “global warming” weakens the Gulf Stream circulation because increased meltwater from Greenland and the Arctic icesheets along with greater river run-off from Russia pour into the northern Atlantic and make it less saline, which in turn makes it harder for the cooler water to sink, in effect slowing down the engine that drives the current.

If the current remains as weak as it is, temperatures in Britain are likely to drop by an average of 1C in the next decade, according to Harry Bryden at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton who led the study. “Models show that if it shuts down completely, 20 years later, the temperature is 4C to 6C degrees cooler over the UK and north-western Europe,” Dr Bryden said.

It takes a lot of gall to call this “global” warming, doesn’t it? How does the heat know to just go to the poles?

The beauty of those arguing “global warming” is that they now have a contingency plan to explain their theory no matter what happens. If it gets hotter, the “global warming” argument is an easy sell. But otherwise, they’ve still got it covered. A hundred years from now, we could all be under 100 feet of ice, and they’ve still got a “global warming” angle.

It boils down to this. A weather guy, well schooled in meteorology and other sciences at a respectable college, can’t give as accurate a forecast of what’s going to happen two days from now, but some of these “global warming” scientists have a hundred years from now pegged? Whatever.

“Five hundred years from today, the polar ice caps will be fully melted, the Gulf Stream will have little or no circulation, temperatures in Africa and South America will be 10 degrees above what they are now, hurricanes will be a daily occurrence for Florida and Louisiana, and temps in Europe will be down 12 degrees due to the Gulf Stream problem. Your weather for this weekend? No friggin’ idea.”


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