When activists are attacked

Harmonic convergence has been put on temporary hold.

As you may have heard, four peace activists were allegedly abducted in Iraq a few days ago by a group calling itself “The Swords of Righteousness Brigade”. The terrorist group, which, as evidenced by their name, has seen way too many Skeletor cartoons, will kill the hostages unless all prisoners in U.S. and Iraqi detention centers are released.

Some think this may change the minds of some peaceniks, since it’s now quite obvious that terrorists don’t care about their political views– they’re simply more folks in the long line of western infidels who deserve death. In spite of this reality, this will not make peace activists think that America is less at fault in all this violence either. Quite the contrary.

An important point to remember is that, though we’re certain terrorists hate Bush, they hate the West and everything it stands for even more. If all this hatred coming from radical Islam were only due to George W. Bush’s unjust, illegal and immoral war against them, all these hostages would have to do is prove that they voted for Kerry and they’d be released, right? Keep dreaming.

If these hostages are killed, this will turn the anger of hardcore “peace activists” even more against Bush. After all, none of this would be happening if Bush hadn’t engaged in this so-called “war on terror”, right?

In reality, these terrorists would still be “out there” killing if the U.S. were there or not– they just wouldn’t be killing peace activists, because peace activists wouldn’t be there because apparently the only violence that is unjust is the kind perpetrated by the United States under the transparent guise of “self defense”.

To be a good “peace activist” requires, or at least should require, a firm belief that both sides are equally capable of ceasing violent and aggressive behavior. That’s rarely the case, but those who seek “peace at any cost” are doing nothing but promoting a world filled with despotism, murder and mayhem.

This time, the “peace at any cost” crowd is being taught a very unfortunate lesson. They’re seeing first-hand what the “any cost” is, since they’re the ones paying the price this time. Will it change their point of view? Yes. It will make them dislike Bush and his war on terror even more.
Bring on the next group of peace activists to be victimized by their own ideology.

Terrorists have threatened to kill peace activists unless prisoners are released. Peace activists have threatened to counterstrike by lighting even more candles.


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Author: Doug Powers

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