Bush Cassidy and the Sundance critic

There’s something about the power that is obtained by fondling that little gold statue that makes actors so much more intelligent, conscientious, and environmentally aware than the rest of us.

Tonight, “The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts” is honoring, among others, uber-frequent Bush critic Robert Redford. The president and first lady hosted a reception for all the honorees this afternoon. Last night, Condoleezza Rice hosted a State Department dinner for all the honorees.

Sometimes President Bush pisses me off. He’s so above-the-fray and classy to a fault that he’ll do things that give even his major critics free shots.

Just this past spring, Redford urged journalists to investigate Bush. Redford has attacked Bush as a “disgrace” on environmental issues again and again and again.

Investigate Bush? Hell, you do it, Robert. You’re already closer to Bush than most reporters will ever get. Check to see if a gun is taped to the back of the toilet bowl before heading back to the dinner table though. You could be getting set up.

By Bush and others hosting these things, odds are Redford will use the extra limelight, some of it brought by the president himself, to further knock Bush policies.

Liberal actors. Is there anything they don’t know? Yes. How to be gracious and magnanimous.

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Author: Doug Powers

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