(Glenn) Close, but no cigar: Bush doesn’t measure up to Hollywood’s low standards

Once again, why does Bush waste his time on these absolutely classless Hollywood morons?

As I mentioned a couple of posts below, Bush hosted a cocktail reception for attendees at the Kennedy Center Honors dinner. The reception was attented by a bunch of “arts” crowd that finds Bush reprehensible.

Actress and typical Tinseltown vacuous dipwad Glenn Close said the Bush reception was “the lowest thing on my list“.

Had the reception been hosted by Clinton, Close would have showed up four hours early with a box of Cohibas in hand.

It just kills my spirit on a Monday to know that some of our tax money was spent on food and drink for Robert Redford, Glenn Close, and other Malibu ivory tower leftist dingbats.

Glenn Close listens intently as Hillary Rodham Clinton introduces the only real president this country ever had, and a black one ta boot, Bill Clinton


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