Rolling Stoned: The U.S. has lost the war in Iraq, and Bush doesn't know it?

Is “Robert Dreyfuss” the pen name of John Kerry?

There’s so much whiffle-ball logic in this Rolling Stone essay by Robert Dreyfuss on how we’ve already lost in Iraq that to even debate it feels like arguing about the existence of the Easter Bunny. Here’s how it starts:

George Bush is just about the only person in Washington these days who doesn’t know that the United States has lost the war in Iraq.

Responding to this gigantic bowl of tripe-stew is tricky, because you’ll note the “have you stopped beating your wife, answer yes or no” approach to the topic. The entire essay is based upon a false assumption. This guy has built a nice looking brick house on a styrofoam foundation.

Read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions

A couple things if interest. Did you know that this war would have been much easier if Bush would simply talk to his enemies? Dreyfuss thinks so. I covered what happens to people who think like this in yesterday’s column.

I don’t know about what people believe in Washington, DC, but I know for sure there are a lot of people in prisons right now who would be surprised to learn that the United States lost the war in Iraq.

Saddam Hussein cheers after reading Rolling Stone and discovering that the United States lost the war in Iraq. He was then led back to his cell.


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