Miami Air Marshal shooting second-guessing begins, and Playboy playmates make turbulance much more enjoyable

People are now coming out saying that the Federal Air Marshal over-reacted in shooting the bi-polar man who strayed way too far from his meds cup and “allegedly” ran down the aisle saying he had a bomb.

“Passengers were crying” … “had guns pointed at them”… etc. I’m willing to bet that lawyers are now lined up down there like flights waiting to take off from O’Hare during a snowstorm.

On the lighter side, there’s this story, where two Playboy playmates were arrested after being drunk and unruly on a Frontier Airlines flight out of Denver. No word yet on whether or not the Air Marshal’s weapon discharged.

Why am I never on these flights, and can somehow only manage to get stuck on the planes where the only big boobs on board are over-talkative insurance salesmen?

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Author: Doug Powers

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