Saving Saddam, the Tookie and Hollywood way

“Tookie” Williams (nothing says “I didn’t do it” like Louis Farrakhan visiting you in prison), founder of the Crips gang who was convicted of murdering four people in a pair of robberies in 1979, is set to die for his crimes on December 13th.

Predictably, much of Hollywood’s “usual suspects” oppose the death penalty for Williams, since he as “redeemed” himself because he supposedly co-wrote anti-gang children’s books.

Danny Glover has also managed to pull his nose out of Castro’s butt long enough to speak at a “spare Tookie” rally. Read this story. Man, I wish these people cared as much about Williams’ murder victims.

You know, if Governor Schwarzenegger does grant Williams clemency (which is highly unlikely), I can see everybody on death row running to the writing table to put together their own kids book.

Here’s the odd part of the story (“odd” by Hollywood standards makes anything Rod Serling could come up with look like the biography of an accountant). Tookie Williams says he’s innocent of the murder charges. The leftist Tinseltown bunch is asking for the California Governor to spare Williams’ life and downgrade his sentence to life in prison. Life in prison? For a crime he didn’t commit? As they say, with friends like that, you don’t need any enemas.

Are you paying attention, Saddam? If Tookie’s spared, you’d better start work on your own children’s book. Maybe the release of a tome that teaches kids simultaneously about counting, colors, and chemistry would do the trick.

The release of “One Kurd, two Kurd, red Kurd, dead Kurd” could get Mike Farrell, Ed Asner, Danny Glover, and all the rest of the “Save Tookie” assclowns, to beg the world to spare your life– If they haven’t already.

In the movie “3 a.m.”, Danny Glover plays duel roles, facing the ultimate dilemma as a New York City cab driver who refuses to pick himself up


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Author: Doug Powers

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