Once again, Bill Clinton goes to another country and bashes the U.S.

Yesterday, Bill Clinton did what he’s best at: traveled to another country to tell everybody how nasty America is. This time, Bubba was invited by the Canuck branch of the Sierra Club to speak at the U.N. climate talks in Montreal. The topic? Global warming, of course.

The crowd cheered at Clinton’s Paganini-like virtuosity at playing the blame game against the United States.

The United States “is the worst offender” for the problem, said Clinton.

America has just four percent of the world’s population, but accounts for nearly a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.

And that last bit of data was given before Howard Dean’s latest carbon dioxide spewing rants, and before all the environmentally conscious flew to Montreal on their jets, including Clinton’s “Air Force Sixty-Nine”.

Given how lousy the U.S. is, it’s amazing that people are still dying to come here– proof positive that the human race is stupid and needs to be hand-held by the intellectual elite.

The funny thing about Bill Clinton is that, when he travels to other countries, he speaks of the United States like a diner complaining about the poor service and dirty silverware at Chez America. When you remember that said diner just recently was the manager of the restaurant for a long time, the complaints seem a little more comical.

Clinton was president for eight years. Eight years! And yet he acts like an innocent victim in a pile of pollution. To my knowledge, the only smokestack scrubber Clinton ever had installed in all his eight years in office can be read about in the Starr Report.

In Montreal, Clinton had the audience whipped into a panicked frenzy over global warming. The high temperature in Montreal yesterday? 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that guy’s a salesman!

Bill Clinton, fearing a looming global warming disaster, instinctively grabs on to something cold


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Author: Doug Powers

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