Iraq elections underway, huge turnout expected — candidates ready victory speeches, body armor

Hospital patients, soldiers and prisoners began voting in Iraq today, a few days ahead of the rest of the population, who will vote in that nation’s first full-time parliament on Thursday.

Despite the extreme danger posed to Iraqi citizens, they are expected to head out to vote in droves– maybe up to ten million people voting. They’ll face bombs, gunfire, threats, anger, fist waving, and yelling, and nonetheless bravely enter the polling stations, undaunted in their quest to participate in free elections.

Iraqis are still excited to finally see a ballot that didn’t look something like this:

In the 2004 presidential election in the United States, the turnout among eligible voters was 60.3%. What would that have been if there were a chance that we’d get blown up on our way to vote? Let the bravery of the Iraqi voters be a reminder of exactly how good we have it in America, and remember that the next time we think about not voting because it’s raining pretty hard outside.

On the other end of the spectrum, Islamic militant groups have denounced the Iraq elections as a “satanic project”, much like we here in America refer to the Carter presidency. So far, terrorists haven’t threatened to disrupt the elections, but then again my dog hasn’t threatened to poop in the yard, either, but I know it’ll happen.


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