Monday's column: "It depends on what your definition of 'warming' is"

Bill Clinton: Can Kofi and I save the planet from global warming caused by my evil countrymen in the United States? Can we find a cleaner source of fuel? Is there enough money left in the ‘oil-for-food’ account to order some pizzas? Hey, who’s the chick in the third row?

My column today at WorldNetDaily, “Global worm-ing“, deals mainly with Bill Clinton’s cookie-cutter “America is the bad guy” speech at the U.N. climate talks in Montreal, and ponders some other oddities about the global warming argument.

Give it a read and decide if you think these people are completely full of greenhouse gases, or they’re right, and we’ll all soon be taking a sauna together as the Earth begins treating us like Pop Tarts in a toaster– all because of Americans SUV’s, hairspray, farting cows, and XBox factory smokestacks.

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Author: Doug Powers

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