Future unemployed leftist activist wins right to wear anti-Bush t-shirt to school, still not getting laid

Chris Schiano, a student at North Penn high school in Lansdale, Pennsyvania, with the help of the ACLU, has won the right to wear his t-shirt that sports the words “International terrorist” under a picture of President Bush.

The shirt, it was eventually determined by school officials desperately trying to ward off visits from Michael Moore and avoid having Air America live broadcast the Franken show from the school parking lot, didn’t violate school dress code.

The dress code only would have been violated if the shirt mentioned God or Jesus.

When I first read the story, my first reaction was that this kid is a pawn of his parents. Sure enough, the ACLU press release mentions Chris’s mother concerned about what the school will do to protect students’ rights in the future.

My parents would have burned the thing had I worn anything like that to school– and that includes the Jimmy Carter years, so that’s saying something.

Parents like this do their kids no favors. I’m sure Mrs. Schiano thinks she’s helping teach little Chris all about freedom of speech and the First Amendment, but what he’s learning is public disrespect and that being a colossal dickhead is what America is all about. See ya at the shake machine, Chris.

Some people posting at Lucianne.com have come up with some alternatives for recourse from the other students that wouldn’t be in violation of the stated dress code, including a picture of Chris Schiano over the words “galactic moron”. I’d adjust that a bit and make it a picture of his mother, since she’s the one leading the kid down the dim-rose path.

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Author: Doug Powers

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