The man who blew Liberty Valance: Is America's "heartland" ready for gay cowboy movies?

When I first read about the gay cowboy movie “Brokeback Mountain“, my initial reaction was, “Oh, well at least now we know why cowboys walk like that.”

The film, lauded by many critics as the movie to beat at the awards shows, is about to be used as a reason to bash middle America as intolerant. You can see the “red state frenzy” developing in columns such as this one, asking if it will “move the heartland” of America.

There you have it. If Brokeback Mountain doesn’t win a Golden Globe Award, it’s because of hayseed Christian conservative queer-fear.

I can’t really comment on the film, since I probably won’t see it. Not for any moral reason– it’s just that I go to about one movie a year, and “High Noon” with Cher and throw pillows ain’t high on the list.

John Wayne would have soiled himself over this one, wouldn’t he? (it’s a good thing the title “True Grit” was already taken)

The trail for homosexual westerns was blazed by Randy Jones, upper left, the cowboy from The Village People, who is recognized as the Rosa Parks of gay cowboy entertainers


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