Cavalcade of kookies for Tookie

This comes to us by way of frequent commenter Bill, who alerts us to the hilarious “Communists for Tookie” article over at FrontPage.

It’s a photo journal of what was happening outside San Quentin prison during Tookie Williams’ final hours.

There’s nothing quite like the freakazoid-fest which always happens as a result of the “moth to bug zapper” attraction of 1) actors, 2) civil rights activists, and 3) socialist/communist dinks (all three of which are often “between jobs”) to television camera lights.

Where does Mike Farrell find the time? He’s running the Save Tookie movement, heading up “Artists United to Win Without War“, and sitting by a phone that hasn’t rung in ten years waiting for movie offers from the Lifetime channel.

Shortly after Joan Baez showed up to sing in support of Tookie, Williams willingly entered the death chamber and stuck the needle in his own arm


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