Saturday bouillabaisse: Bush's eavesdropping, smoke Nazis, "Miss Jackson is yer fatsy", border idiocy, and Patriot Act posturing

–Big concerns in Congress over Bush’s apparent approval of an eavesdropping program in the United States narrowly designed to capture suspected terrorists. A “senior intelligence official” disclosed the shocking eavesdropping program to Congress after he learned about it by holding a glass to the wall outside a National Security agency meeting.

Anti-smoking activists are now targeting private homes. I’m thinking about taking up cigarettes just to piss these idiots off. The reason this is a big deal? Of course… “for the children”. The same people who are horrified at the violation of civil liberties in the above eavesdropping story will kick in your door and yank the Marlboro from your cold, dead fingers if they smell smoke and hear a child cough.

–You won’t be seeing any part of Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl early next year–unless you have a wide-screen television.

–192 members of the House of Representatives are totally cool with illegals spilling across the Mexican border and voted to do nothing about the problem. Maybe it would be an easier sell with some of the adulterous bureaucrats if we assured them that passing the legislation wouldn’t result in the deportation of Salma Hayek.

–And finally, yesterday, the U.S. Senate blocked the renewal of the Patriot Act, citing severe concerns over whether or not George W. Bush’s creation robs citizens of civil liberties.

The U.S. Senate is furious at Bush… it’s their job to rob citizens of civil liberties, dammit.

U.S. Senators, such as Ted Kennedy, are very concerned about Bush’s lack of respect for civil liberties…

…such unconstitutional measures are in violation of The Bill of Rights, as are tortures such as water-boarding:


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