2005's "favorite story of the year": No more calls please, we have our winner

Another year is almost behind us. Plenty happened around the world, but I don’t think anything cracked me up as much as this:

Late this summer, in Henderson, Nevada, a labor union hired some temp workers to picket outside a Walmart. The picketers were hired to walk outside the store and protest the low wages, lack of benefits, and lousy working conditions Walmart provides to its employees.

Oh, one more thing. The union who hired the picketers paid them less than the starting wage Walmart pays, gave them no benefits, and made them picket in 104 degree heat— all to protest the low wages, zero benefits, and lousy working conditions inside the air conditioned store.

Damn I love America!

Could a better career be just inside those doors, guys?


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Author: Doug Powers

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