Pennsylvania judge rules against "intelligent design" in favor of something the left is much more familiar with: "stupid accident"

A federal judge ruled today that intelligent design cannot be taught as a part of biology classes in a Pennsylvania school district.

We have a society that can consider Eminem an “artist”, but the thought of intelligent design is outrageous? Oh well.

The so called “intelligent design” curriculum teaches a theory that the universe was produced by an “unidentified intelligent cause”.

By “unidentified intelligent cause”, everybody knows we’re talking about God, but everybody pretends to not know it– so in this debate God ends up as a sort of ecclesiastical Valerie Plame.

Maybe the judge has a point. After all, if “intelligent design” can’t be used to explain the origin of activist judges, it sure as hell can’t explain the origin of the universe.

Why did all this end up in court? You guessed it! An ACLU lawsuit. The ACLU is yet another reason to scrap “intelligent design” in favor of “stupid accident”.

I happen to be of the “intelligent design” camp, but one need wander no farther than the touching memorial service for convicted murderer and founder of the Crips, Tookie Williams, to begin to cast self-doubt on that particular belief system.

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Author: Doug Powers

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