“What’s the frequency, Brent?” — The “shabbiest media moments of 2005″ awards

“And the award for ‘Best investigative report to be more heavily made-up than Joan Collins’ goes to…”

Brent Bozell has a column entitled “The shabbiest media moments” at Townhall today. Here’s the lead-in to Bozell’s column:

The Media Research Center and a panel of more than 50 judges have compiled an annual “Best Notable Quotables,” a collection of the media’s greatest stinkers in the past 12 months. The utterances speak volumes about our supposedly ideologically detached press corps.

The MSM gems include Matt Lauer accusing a GI in Iraq of lying to him about troop morale, a CNN reporter saying the riots in France were started after police electrocuted “two African-American teenagers”, David Gergen sucking up to Rodham-Clinton to the point that Hillary’s next colonoscopy revealed two benign polyps and Gergen’s nose, and Dan Rather continuing to stand by his Bush National Guard story.

If you have some extra time, the Townhall column is merely a synopsis of Bozell’s Media Research Center full report on MSM silliness. The entire train-wreck of media hilarity is here.

MRC also has many of the actual clips recorded by the honorees live from left-wing La-La-Land that are destined to go down in history in moonbat lore.

Jon Stewart and Larry King: One man works for a network famous for its news parodies and satirical approach to current events, and the other works for Comedy Central


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