Washington Times runs Cliffs Notes version of Monday’s column on the death of Hollywood activism

Monday’s WorldNetDaily column, “Hollywood receives a lethal rejection“, is now available for those with incredibly short attention-spans for whom 750 words is 550 to many.

This is where the Washington Times’ “Culture Briefs” section comes in handy. They seem to be fans of my column, as they’ve run several “briefs”. Now if I could just get them to run the full-length versions, we’d be in business.

The short version of “Lethal rejection” is here. It’s the second one called “Hollywood hero”. Click “next” for the conclusion on the following page.

If you’re so inclined, drop the Washington Times’ editors a note and tell them you’d like to see my column in their paper.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Friday.

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Author: Doug Powers

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