I’m mostly taking today off, with the exception of the exercise I’ll get ripping the wrapping paper from a couple of boxes, undoing the heavily tethered toys from their packaging for the kids, and doing 12-ounce curls.

Be sure to check back tomorrow at WorldNetDaily for Monday’s column, or check here at the blog for a link to it. It’s the annual “year in preview” set of predictions for the coming 12 months. Should be fun.

Until then, enjoy your Christmas, and best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2006.


Note: My first book, “‘Because That’s the Way God Decided to Do It!’ – A conservative father fields confusing questions from his confused kids about a confusing world – Inadequate explanations of politics, parenting, economics, war, technology, and the future of the human race” is now available in paperback or as a downloadable Ebook. Click here to buy directly from Booklocker. It’s also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I’ve set up a page containing short samples from each chapter. Click here for chapter samples.


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