Monday's WorldNetDaily column: "2006 — The year in preview"

At the end of every year, my prognosticating alter-ego, who we’ll call “Nostradumbass”, fortells what will happen in the upcoming year. The accuracy rate of the predictions have proven to outshine even that of Miss Cleo and Jack van Impe.

Here are just a couple of examples of events that are coming our way:

–California’s 9th Circuit Court will outlaw opposite-sex marriage

–A new set of photos, purported to be from Abu-Ghraib, will cause a stir after they begin circulating around Capitol Hill, but the scandal will run out of steam after they turn out to be pictures from Elton John’s wedding reception.

–Harry Belafonte will again accuse various conservative black Americans of being “Uncle Toms”, and then continue singing and dancing for a crowd of mostly white people.

Read the entire list of predictions for 2006 here.

Bonus prediction:

A major bio-terrorism plot will be thwarted after the CIA uncovers a secret plan by Islamic extremists to throw Michael Moore into New York City’s public water supply.


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Author: Doug Powers

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