“I pledge allegiance to the court”: High School student recruited as next ACLU paper-hat trainee

There is a high school kid in Florida who won’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. He’s refusing to be ordered to put this bumper sticker next to the flame decals on his ’92 Malibu, and, with some assistance, is suing the school district.

Well good for you, you junior revolutionary! Congratulations. Instead of being a puppet for a corrupt and zealous government, you’re now a butt-boy for the ACLU.

In Palm Beach County, a high school junior is suing his school district claiming he was ridiculed after refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance. The ACLU was, like Charlie Sheen at a gang-bang, quick to join in. The ACLU looks for wayward high school students to recruit like R. Kelly in the girls locker room.

Was anybody else aware that Michael Newdow had a son in Florida?

Florida state law says that students do not have to recite the Pledge if they have a written note from their parents, but they are required to stand during the recitation. Nobody was making the kid recite the Pledge, just stand during it.

So, breaking state law is a “civil liberty”? Boy, this kid has a bright future with this kind of tutelage. See ya on visiting day, kid.

Our friends at “StopTheACLU.com” have this and other wingnut stories covered.

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