Conspiracy theorists, start your engines! — The Zapruder film, stabilized for those who are too Stone'd

There’s reportedly a new “digitally cleaned up”, or “stabalized” version of the Zapruder film– the only movie made of the assassination of John F. Kennedy– making the rounds on the ‘net.

The sharper video supposed to show that a shot clearly came from somewhere other than high up in a building. If you see the “tape”, be skeptical.

A GIF of the video is here. It’s now so clear that you can plainly see the gay Castro sympathizing union thugs loading their weapons on the grassy knoll. I think we all owe Oliver Stone an apology.

Kidding, of course. As a matter of fact, I think the people circulating the video may owe Oliver Stone a “thank you” for making this particular film.

This looks to me a lot like the recreated scene Stone shot for his movie “JFK” (which can be viewed in “3D” provided you’re wearing blue and red glasses, along with a tinfoil hat). After all, Zapruder fakes have been exposed in the past. Of course, there are those who think that the Zapruder film itself is phony.

I’ll defer to the experts on this one, but I’m betting that particular tape is as authentic as the National Guard documents in Dan Rather’s briefcase.

This all originates from the whiffle-headed cuckoos at Oh, did you know that the Bush family may have been involved in the assassination? No, seriously. ‘Nuff said, eh?

Should be enough to warrant a nice headline in the New York Times though.

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