Monday’s column: Eavesdrop of destruction

Okay, it’s time to shake off the collective national hangover and get back to work.

Ever since the New York Times decided to tip off terrorists that U.S. Intelligence, on the order of President Bush, had been tapping phone calls to and from the United States, some people have been outraged at what is called “invasion of privacy rights”.

Many of these critics were, up until the point they found out Bush was eavesdropping, respecting your privacy the way a dog treats a fire hydrant. These are people I call “born-again privacy advocates”. A BAPA is somebody who you could catch going through your underwear drawer and they’d claim they were only searching for wiretaps.

As a result of this somewhat treasonous decision by the Times to report this (sorry, I’m showing how old-fashioned I am by thinking that there’s still such a thing as treason– I might as well believe in the Easter Bunny or that Pauly Shore will someday make me laugh) terrorist suspects have probably simply switched from Nextel to Verizon, or vice-versa.

What’s all this mean? Give a read to “Eavesdrop of destruction” and discover that, though Bush is doing the wiretapping, the left is doing the bugging.

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Author: Doug Powers

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