Wiretapping into my email concerning today’s column

Quite a few emails on today’s column, “Eavesdrop of destruction“. Here are a few selections.

Mike K. weighs in:

I think I understand what you’re trying to say about the fickle privacy advocates, but two wrongs don’t make a right. There’s a dangerous side to the issue. Giving government the legal right to spy on the populace, requires some moral compass worthy of the trust. Our current political situation is anything but the case and precisely why our very wise founders structured a system disallowing it… A return to the Constitutional limitations on government is the only way to prevent this country from morphing further into tyranny.

Concerns about the country morphing into tyranny are always valid, but that’s half the battle. That has to be done while not exposing the country to outside tyranny. Most human beings can’t walk a line that thin without losing their balance, but on the whole, I think Bush has done a decent job at it. Also, observing with interest those who are hypocritical as it concerns our “privacy” shouldn’t just be a passing comical side note– these are the people who will be “fixing” this “problem”.

John M., a regular reader, proudly retired from the U.S. Marines and who can hold a conch shell to his ear and hear the Battle Hymn of the Republic, says:

Again, a clear and thoughtful piece of writing with an open agenda and no attempt at obfuscation, no wonder you weren’t hired by the New York Times. I take note of your expectation of a dramatic pause when such a question is asked, however you left out the retort that would inevitably follow. “If Bush were impeached there wouldn’t be another attack, the peace-loving Muslims are only attacking us because George ‘Dubya’ Bush has caused so much death and destruction in the world we were only attacked because he stole the election and prevented Al Gore from bringing peace to everywhere on the planet.”

I never argue with John, even when he says I’m wrong. Somebody who knows 23 ways to kill a guy with a pencil eraser is always right.

Donald D. says:

My concern is not over the eavesdropping of foreign calls. I consider that to be the presidents duty. To those who are talking to those who are being monitored, I don’t consider it a privacy issue. My concern is with the ability of government to enter ones dwelling and do secret searches. The ability to covertly enter and access someone’s computer would give a less than honest person the ability to plant false evidence against a citizen… And consider the possibilities should an unscrupulous person gain the office of President. The possibilities for wrongdoing could be catastrophic.

No argument here, Don. As far as those who want to scrap wiretapping based on the potential for abuse, that’s not going to happen, nor should it. The prom shouldn’t be cancelled just because you know some unscrupulous horny wanker is going to reach for the bra clasp of his unsuspecting date. You deal with it as it happens, with a swift, solid and crippling ball-kick.

And, of course, you can’t write a column about Bush without the Hitler-ites coming out. Most of those emails can be summed up like this: “Bla bla bla Bush is Hitler bla bla bla Bush is Hitler bla bla bla another Third Reich bla bla bla…” This one isn’t that over the top though, but I’m sure one is being written by somebody as we speak.

With that, here’s Frank B’s note:

In the aftermath of 9-11, the American people stand exposed as gutless morons, ready to sacrifice fundamental liberties in exchange for the promise of security, a promise offered by politicians who lie for a living.

The issue is not a “right to privacy.” The issue is an outlaw out-of-control government using public fear and anxiety over 9-11 to get its claws around the throats of the people just as Hitler used the Reichstag Fire and Stalin used the Doctors Plot.

Bush owes his media whores a great debt.

Do you ever get that idea that if there is never another Hitler, some people are going to be awfully disappointed?

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