Federal prosecutors get to Jack Abramoff — soon, the lobbyist will have to return the favor

The Feds have gotten Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff to plead guilty to conspiracy, tax evasion, and mail fraud. As a result of the deal, Abramoff is expected to begin fingering more members of Congress than the Capitol Hill proctologist.

Abramoff has probably been told that “more is better” as far as reducing his sentence goes via exposing corrupt officials and staffers, but he shouldn’t get his hopes up, he’s still going to do some serious time.

Tom Delay haters think this could finally be their big break. Abramoff won’t be let out of the room until he produces at least a photo of Delay kicking a puppy.

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Abramoff’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, informs his client that, in prison, “Jack Abramoff” is a request and not a name, and therefore something he may want to consider changing

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