Liberal Baltimore Sun writer resigns amid allegations of plagiarism — “Call me Ishmael” says columnist as he sends resume to greener pastures

Baltimore Sun columnist Michael Olesker allegedly plagiarized from other newspapers over the course of his 27 year career. Olesker resigned yesterday, pretty much removing the “allegedly” from that previous sentence.

Prediction: Before this week is over, Pinch Sulzberger Jr. at The New York Times, and Jerry Adler at Newsweek, are going to receive resumes in the mail with a Maryland return address.

Hey Pinch, Jayson Blair’s seat is still warm. Mr. Alter, another flushed Koran story is waiting in the wings. Yes, Olesker may only be a plagiarist, but he’s still young enough to be taught to just plain make stuff up instead of stealing it.

Come on, Times and Newsweek– consider hiring a troubled writer. Your readers expect nothing less.

Front cover of Olesker’s book, “Field of Dreams are Gone With the Wind”

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