What caused Ariel Sharon’s stroke?

The prognosis for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, following a cerebral hemorrhage, doesn’t look too good.

As always, when you’re a controversial figure and become incapacitated for some reason, an inevitable parade of ecclesiastical conspiracy theorists comes parading into town in the wake of the illness.

In this corner, we have the Reverend Pat Robertson, who hinted that Sharon’s stroke could be Ariel’s punishment from God for giving away Israeli territory.

In this corner, Palestinians activists say that “God is exacting revenge on this butcher“.

In this corner, we have those who claim that a “death curse”, called a pulsa denura – Aramaic for “lashes of fire” – that was instigated against the prime minister in July, is the reason for Sharon’s grave condition.

And in this corner, we have those of us who blame the stroke on the fact that Ariel is a 78-year-old man who is way overweight.

Or, we could just blame Jacques Chirac’s “handshake of doom”:

Sharon meets with President of France, Jacques Chirac, shortly after it was announced that Israel’s land would be surrendered to the Palestinians. Soon after, Chirac was reminded that he didn’t have the authority to surrender Israeli land, and rescinded the announcement.

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Author: Doug Powers

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