Gennifer Flowers' big legal mistake in dealing with the Ninth Circuit

California’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has said, “Don’t bring us Flowers anymore!”

Gennifer Flowers, who you may best remember as a former shiner of the chrome on Bubba’s trailer hitch, lost her bid to revive a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and two former Clinton aides.

The case ended up in the hands of California’s legendary Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (proud winner of my “Idiot of the Year” award in 2003). Flowers made a huge mistake in her approach to the case. What was the mistake? We’ll get to that after a short explanation of the lawsuit:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A former lover of U.S. President Bill Clinton on Monday lost her effort to revive a defamation case against his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and two of the former president’s top aides.

Flowers charged that during the 1992 campaign Hillary Clinton had helped coordinate campaign attacks against her. Flowers also said Carville and Stephanopoulos made defamatory statements about her.

She filed suit against the three in 1999. A Nevada appeals court dismissed the suit in 2003, and Flowers appealed to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to revive the legal action.

The 9th Circuit ruled on Monday that Flowers named Hillary Clinton too late in the suit, after the passage of a four-year limitation. “Thus, her claim against Clinton is barred,” a three-judge panel wrote.

How did Flowers’ attorneys screw up big time? This is the Ninth Circuit we’re talking about here. Gennifer’s legal team should have anticipated this would wind up at the appellate level, and therefore created a case the Ninth was more likely to embrace.

Flowers should have accused the Clintons, along with George “Skippy” Stephanopoulos and James “gumbo of Gollum” Carville, of obstructing her from teaching elementary-aged kids how to use a condom.

Gennifer should have said that the Clintons, Steffie, and Carville mess took away valuable time that she would have otherwise spent as a Planned Parenthood volunteer, driving teenage girls to the abortion clinic.

Flowers should have instead sued Bill Clinton for yelling “oh God” while he was having sex with her, thereby becoming a public official forcing religion on a member of the general public, which is, of course, unconstitutional. The Ninth would have considered that a clear violation of the separation of church and mate.

There are so many ways Flowers’ people should have played this with the Ninth, and they failed miserably.

Gennifer Flowers appears on Larry King Live. Graphic descriptions of years of being in love with Bill Clinton filled the entire hour. Flowers never got a chance to speak.

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