Fan mail from a Clinton lover, Dubya hater, and Freudian slipper

Every now and then I get a random email about one or both of the Clintons. More often than not, they don’t seem to be in reference to anything specifically I’ve written, but rather the general tendancy I have to crack jokes about Bill and/or Hillary.

This is from a guy named “J.C.” from Dallas, and I haven’t corrected it in any way– the reason being was that I couldn’t decide if the very last sentence was a typo, or a Freudian slip. My money’s on the latter.

Intellectual dishonesty, is when the conservatives continue support as the truth the 2 biggest lies of the 21st century: 1. Saddam H. has WMD’S war is a must. 2. “My fellow Americans, war operations in Iraq has ended. America and its allies has prevailed. The great photo-opp of G.W. aboard a Naval Ship of he coast of CA . in May 2003. G.W. was clueless about war operations because he never served. His name was on the reserve pay roll that is as far as it goes.

As a Viet Nam vet I had a feeling that the US armed forces walked into Baghdad too easily. The insurgents only relented to later gorilla tactics. You know the rest of the story. His fighting the war on terror and making the world a safer place has not hindered terror on the world stage. In the US 2 successful terrorist acts have occurred; 1 from and internal source Oklahoma and 1 from an external source.

Bill Clinton spent the better part of 8 yrs defending off a Republican witch-hunt not misusing his office. It started with White-Water and settle for bad behavior in the Oval Office. A $46,000,000 witch-hunt that finally netted his untruthfulness about his private life. Consequently he perjured himself.

You sound angry as most staunch conservatives do. I must be miserable to be subconsciously angry at all times

Yes, J.C., you must be miserable. I do agree with you there. Being spoon fed B.S. and lapping up every bite must be a terrible way to go.

Actually, the “WMD lie” is from the 20th century, and was agreed upon by Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, and many other liberals as well, but why get picky and worry about little things like facts? Look at all your fellow Democrats who believed the “WMD lie”.

Tell these Kurds about the “WMD lie” while you’re at it. What did Saddam use to kill these thousands of people? Slingshots?

“2 successful terrorist acts… Oklahoma City and 9/11”? Those several people who were killed in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing should be happy to know that their death was cause by an “unsuccessful attack”. Hate to see what they’d look like if that attack were a success.

As far as Clinton being persecuted after a witch hunt for his “personal life”, I would have to say that if a president if getting blown by a pudgy pizza wielding intern while on the phone listening to his advisor mumble through a mouthful of hooker’s toes something about what should be done in Bosnia, that type of thing is more than his “personal life”. Hey, that’s just me.

Be honest, if it were discovered that G.W. Bush had been getting “lil’ Dubya” shined by a porky, late teen over-smitten dingbat while on the phone making war decisions, you’d be calling for his impeachment– probably even more fiercely than you already are.

Thanks for the note, J.C. I appreciate it for two reasons: 1) to clarify some positions, and 2) we’ve heard rumors for years that there was a Democrat in Texas (the so-called Longhorn Loch-Ness), and now we know who it is.

Not everybody believes Clinton did everything he could to fight terrorism

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