Hillary tells Harry Belafonte: "Make like my husband and stay at least 15 feet away at all times"

“Harry’s here? Great! No, no… stay right there. No closer!”

Singer/dancer/leftist doofus Harry Belafonte said something else stupid recently, calling Bush the “biggest terrorist in the world“. That in itself isn’t news. Harry says dumb things with the frequency of gamma rays from a crab nebula, so it’s to be expected

Then the news came that Harry would be attending a dinner for the “Children’s Defense Fund”, which was held last night, and it would also be visited by Hillary Clinton. It turns out that Hillary, sensing potential disaster for a presidential run, never let herself get within 15 feet of the Calypso singer and political Kryptonite.

Hillary made sure that her relationship with Harry Belafonte would remain a political Yeti: Rumored to exist but accompanied by little or no credible photographic evidence.

Harry Belafonte is a member of an elite club of vacuous entertainers, which includes Danny Glover and many others, who think that Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and other dictators, totalitarian wankers, and tin pot pinheads represent what is the ultimate in governmental nirvana.

You’ll also notice that these proponents of idiotic totalitarian systems also have one thing in common: They’re never dumb enough to actually live there.

Leftist singers, actors, and others, would rather stay in the United States, home of the “greatest terrorist in the world”, than get out from under all this oppression. Why?

The Hollywood left, including Belafonte, Glover, Reiner, Asner, and all the others who are more than qualified to play first-chair snivelhorn with “Martin Sheen and his all-Bohemian orchestra” stay here because good acting gigs are much harder to come by in socialist or communist countries.

The Hollywood left can whine about this nation from Malibu, while making millions acting and directing. Or they could chastise and belittle the United States from China, while living in a dresser drawer and earning 75 Yuan a week for playing the lead in “If They Could See Me Mao” at the Wuhan Community Playhouse.

So, follow Hillary’s lead and just ignore Harry. After all, this is also a person who called any African-American serving in the Bush administration “black tyrants” and accused Colin Powell of “selling out his race.” True, Condi Rice, Powell, along with Clarence Thomas and many others, have only achieved some of the nation’s highest offices and met with the world’s most powerful people.

Black conservatives have yet to defiantly break the stereotypical mold like Belafonte did by singin’ and dancin’ for crowds of mostly white people.

Harry Belafonte, above, helps shatter black stereotypes by devoting his life to providing musical entertainment for “the man”

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Author: Doug Powers

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