Pamela Anderson against KFC: It’s Pam’s bust vs. the Colonel’s bust in Kentucky

Pamela Anderson, as a spokesperson for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has been appearing in many anti-KFC ads of late. PETA claims that the chickens are abused and wants you and I to boycott the restaurant.

Now, PETA and Anderson are going to Kentucky and asking the governor to remove a bust of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s founder, Colonel Sanders, from the state capitol.

Yes, Pamela Anderson is speaking for the chicken: a little creature with a brain the size of a pebble, scrawny legs, high pitched squawk, and in-demand breast meat– and then of course there’s the chicken.

All this anti-KFC talk has really gotten some people involved. Not only has a website, called “” sprouted up, but a 19-year-old guy has decided to effectively ruin his chances of ever getting laid by legally changing his name to “Kentucky Fried” (but you can call him “Ken”).

Pamela lobbies against live scalding, painful debeaking, and beaten chickens– all of which, coincidentally, you can see in Pam & Tommy’s famous home video

Author: Doug Powers

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