Hump day housekeeping: Washington Times, Tony Blair's son , homeschooling, and Mayor Wonka

Four quick things to kick off a cold Wednesday. There’s so much snow here that I’d swear I saw Marion Barry trying to snort a plow.

1) If you missed Monday’s column over at WorldNetDaily, “Belafonte’s banana boat springs another leak” and are now too pressed for time to read the entire thing, today’s issue of the Washington Times is running a clipped version for the attention span challenged.

2) A plot has been foiled to kidnap British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s son. This marks the very first time I’ve read the phrase “extremist fathers’ rights campaigners”. Wow.

3) The third installment of the “Carnival of Homeschooling” blog is up. They’ve been good enough to feature some of my past columns in previous issues. We don’t homeschool our kids, because we’re fortunate enough to be in an area where the public schools haven’t yet fallen victim to spilled liberalism, but I support the movement a hundred percent.

4) New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin– there’s only one thing worse than a politician who says stupid things all the time, and that’s a politican who apologizes all the time. We know they don’t mean it, which makes them even more weasely.

Prediction: Nagin will go so far as to order an air drop of several tons of Hershey’s Kisses over New Orleans to prove that he was literally talking about chocolate when he said he wanted to keep The Big Easy a “chocolate city”.

Artists rendition of a vacationer swimming in Lake Pontchartrain after Mayor Nagin acheives his dream

Author: Doug Powers

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