Judge gives Wendy's scammers the finger

Two people who tried to scam a Wendy’s restaurant by planting a finger in a bowl of chili are now going to a place where they’re bound to find fingers in lots of places.

From the Washington Times via UPI:

Santa Clara County Judge Edward Davila sentenced Anna Ayala to nine years and ordered her husband, Jaime Plascencia, to serve 12 years, four months, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

They were ordered to pay Wendy’s more than $21 million for lost business resulting from negative publicity, and to pay Wendy’s employees $170,000 in lost wages. Wendy’s officials said they would not try to collect the money, the newspaper said.

Wendy’s won’t try to collect the money? But chances are these people will be able to afford it once they’re released from prison… and find an eyeball in a Big Mac.

Author: Doug Powers

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